Joby's Monthly Vimeo Picks / November

It’s time for the penultimate Joby’s Picks of the year. Let’s see what we’ve got…
The Clock of the Long Now
Danny Hillis is an engineer, mathematician and inventor who had a dream to build a monument to the future “like the Great Pyramids are a monument to the past”. With a team of like-minded braniacs, Hillis set about constructing the Clock of the Long Now – a huge clock which will run for the next 10,000 years. It’s a fascinating story about a piece of engineering brilliance, with a cameo from Brian Eno. What more could you ask for?
Created by the talented bunch at Public Record TV who you can follow on the Twitter: @publicrecordtv

Part of ski equipment goliath Salomon’s Freeski series, this episode follows a group of skiers to the island of Svalbard with the aim of capturing one of the most unique skiing photos ever shot; using the 2015 solar eclipse as a stunning backdrop.
Conditions are tough 78º North; this video shows the team battling through ice, snow and frigid water to ski some amazing terrain and get some amazing shots.
Gnarly, dude.

Life is a Dance
Remember that amazing video about a holiday to Sri Lanka that I had in my picks a couple of months back? Yeah, the one that gave you a bit of motion sickness, that’s right. Well the creator of that, Mr. Linda, has created another of his video masterpieces. This time he’s been working with professional street dance crew The Saxonz (I’ll assume they got their name in the late 90s and can’t change it for tax reasons) to create another visual masterpiece.
Sebastian does some good behind-the-scenes videos so be sure to look him up on Vimeo.

Swan Lake
Question: Will I ever get bored of amazing 3D projection mapping?
Answer: See video below

People of Nowhere
A brief but beautifully shot glimpse into the heart of the refugee crisis on the Greek island of Lesvos. There’s no narrative or hidden message, it’s a simple window into the struggle of the families fleeing conflict in the Middle East.
The filmmaker, Lior Sperandeo, has done a series of ‘People of…’ films around the world. Check them out on his Vimeo channel

Well, that’s it for now folks. Check back at the end of this month for my December picks!

Written by Rhian Williams