Joby's Monthly Vimeo Picks / October

October was a strong month for the Vimeo Staff Picks channel, with stacks of genuinely stunning videos – from short films to documentaries and music videos. Narrowing this down was tough, but I’ve done my best:
A testament to creative editing, this great little film takes us into the world, and mind, of skydiving world champion Martin Kristensen. The production company, Satori Factory, specialise in extreme sports and aerial video work. They’re not on Twitter, but that’s ok because their Instagram feed is awesome:

The Hero’s Journey
I think this is breaking the filmmakers code, so I won’t say too much for fear of being bundled into the back of a van.
Let’s just say that not all Hollywood blockbusters are as original as they may seem.
Great animation skills from a chap called Iskander Krayenbosch. He doesn’t seem to be on Twitter either, but you can check out his Behance portfolio here.

Black and White in Colour
A purely visual one this time, exploring black and white without digitally ‘desaturating’ the footage. Not much more I can really say about it, it’s just really absorbing to watch. Big screen it. You can keep up to date with what the creator, Julianna Thomas, is up to on Twitter, @ghoulianna.

Another dance film this month- I appreciate this probably isn’t everyone’s bag but the cinematography is great, and the soundtrack is amazing. It all just seems to come together into something really captivating. Also, as a side note for camera geeks, it’s in 2.36 ratio which looks bloody great and it was all natural light- it’s getting me all over excited. Give it a chance!
It was produced by Parisian creative agency Carlos & Marcus, who have done work for some massive brands. check out their website.

This almost brings together the best bits of all the other videos from this month – absolutely breathtaking cinematography, awesome lighting & colour work, a great edit and some extreme sports. What more could you want? I’m not sure if it follows the steps of the Hero’s Journey but I’m going to let it slide.

Written by Rhian Williams