Joby's Monthly Vimeo Picks / September

It’s the end of the month, which means I’ve rounded up my top 5 Vimeo Staff Picks from the month! Enjoy!
The Painter of Jalouzi
Part social awareness film, part sneaky iPhone advert…
This short film from RYOT films is all about the man painting the slums of Haiti. An inspirational tale about how colour can make a real difference to people with very little. Also it was shot entirely on the new iPhone, which is pretty impressive. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage if that’s the sort of thing that interests you.

Agostina Gálvez captures three Olympic gymnast hopefuls in action
And you thought your 36 keepie-uppie record was impressive…
All Olympic sport should be shot like this, and set to a retro 80’s sounding synth pop track.

If The Cuckoo Don’t Crow
If you grew up in a small town and were subjected to local radio on a regular basis, you’ll be aware that the callers on small radio stations are usually a certain kind of lovable eccentric and you’ll probably have a pang of confused nostalgia when you watch this. Animator Steve Kirby took it upon himself to animate Brian in Melton telling the tale of his mother predicting a 1987 hurricane.  Whether or not Brian really exists is still undecided.

Purely to satisfy the nerds (and potentially the pyromaniacs), this is a simple ‘hey look what I can do’ film from Mitch Martinez. Remember those bullet-time shots in The Matrix that blew our minds in 1999? Well Mitch decided there was probably a bit of life left in that technique and has done some impressive things with it. No CGI here!

Kim Suozzi’s Last Wishes
If you don’t want your colleagues to see you weeping at your desk, maybe save this one for when you get home.
I generally like keeping this series relatively light hearted, but this story is both incredibly moving and straight out of the science fiction, so it made the cut. You may have heard about Kim Suozzi in the press; she developed terminal cancer at the age of only 22 and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, raised the money to have her brain cryo-preserved in the hopes that one day the science will exist to bring her back. This all happened back in 2012/13 so I’m not sure why this film from The New York Times has just been released, but it has – so watch it.

Written by Rhian Williams