Just My Type – introducing bespoke fonts by Clicky

Our Junior Designer Candy has a passion for typography. She recently developed a beautiful, bespoke, hand-lettered font for one of our valued clients, and now we’re opening up the service to expand our digital design offering.

Last summer I discovered the world of hand-lettering and calligraphy on Instagram, and was instantly drawn in. Modern hand-lettering is the perfect combination of two of my great loves – drawing and typography. The letters are no longer simply letters, they are opportunities for beauty, embellishments, flourishes and more. Creating beautiful letterforms is something that I have come to really enjoy in the past year, and it is something that I constantly practice in order to improve.

When I create bespoke fonts for projects, I start the process by using a pen and paper to draw out a number of different versions of each letter, number or symbol. I find that doing this process on paper rather than digitally is more freeing, and I can explore more possibilities more quickly than if I were to go straight into creating a digital alphabet.

From my selection of letterforms I can refine and choose final versions of each. Once I have an alphabet in place I scan the pages, pull out the chosen letterforms, alter them in Photoshop and then create them digitally in Illustrator. At this stage we can tidy up any rough edges or loose lines, but often I prefer to leave them on display – it emphasises their authentic hand-drawn appeal, and they can be perfectly imperfect for some clients.

Creating bespoke fonts takes time, but has massive benefits. This is something that is unique to you.

Your brand voice is your own, so it shouldn’t be shared in the same font that everybody else uses.

Using something hand-made can appeal to your target audience, and can make your brand more approachable and engaging to your customers. It gives the sense that there is something ‘real’ going on behind your brand, and that will only serve to strengthen your bond with your customers and clients.

Want to learn more about bespoke font creation at Clicky? Click here.

Written by Candy Sinclair-Ford

Digital Designer