Key Insights from the Nottingham Digital Summit

Nottingham Digital Summit 2018 – what an interesting, informative day, hosting a range of fantastic speakers from the likes of Speedo, Experian, Google, Capital One and Microsoft, to name a few. The Clicky Nottingham team had a fantastic day. 

Thanks once again to Hallam Internet – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and loved that the whole day was in support of Framework, a fantastic, local charity helping keep Nottingham’s homeless of the streets.

For those who weren’t able to attend, we’ve summarised each of the speakers from the conference – their key industry insights, advice for marketers and some astonishing stats.

Vikas Arora from Microsoft – Search: a new evolution

  • Search engines have become the new equivalent of publishing since they are an enabler of information
  • The use of AI and Voice Search are expected to increase dramatically – by 2020 50% of search will come from image or voice and by 2025 95% of customer interactions will be powered by AI bots, and other Bing AI solutions
  • The frequency of AI in apps is also increasing – by the end of the year, 75% of apps will be infused with AI

Kirsty Hulse from ManyMinds – How to make your content marketing cheap, scalable and effective

  • To create effective content campaigns, stop putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Three handy pieces of advice to help you create cheap, scalable and effective campaigns:
    • Develop a unique and interesting idea
    • Data is everything
    • Have an eye-catching asset  
  • Ideas are everything and come at no cost, however, remember that it’s rare for a brilliant idea to be generated from behind a desk. Get out of the office and explore to spark creativity. “All great creativity comes through play”.

Click here if you wish to find out more about Kirsty’s content marketing talk 

Rachel Starling from Speedo – Speedo Goggle: Looking through a new digital lens

User experience is important for brands:

  • 88% of consumers won’t return to a brand’s website if they have encountered a bad user experience
  • 86% of consumers expressed that they would be willing to pay more if they were guaranteed a better user experience
  • Modern marketing no longer revolves around delivering a product, instead, brands must be able to provide the whole customer experience during the stages before and after purchase

Dr Dave Chaffey co-founder of Smart InsightsImproving your digital marketing skills

Similarly to Rachel Starling, Dr Dave Chaffey advised all marketers to place the customer experience at the centre of their marketing strategies.

  • Five key pillars on how to improve your marketing:
  1. Understand your consumers – their personas, content mapping and the multi-channel experience
  2. Marketing techniques – understand the skills you need to master
  3. Marketing technology – aid your day-to-day tasks with relevant technology
  4. Marketing platforms and best practices – keep an eye out for AI and be mindful of how it will progress
  5. Integrating insight-driven marketing plans and processes – identify your opportunities, create a strategy and then implement it!

Owen Gill from Hallam – Harnessing automation to power your online advertising

  • Over the last 10 years, consumer behaviour has changed. Previously consumers were force-fed marketing messages and just accepted them, whereas now the consumer chooses how and where to consume marketing messages
  • Automation is increasing – by 2020, 80% of advertising processes will be automated
  • “Be an innovator. Don’t follow the trend because you may miss that boat

Dr Sam Howard from Userfy –  Uncovering the “Why” in the Data Driven World of “What”

Dr Sam Howard encourages brands to “engage with users, understand their behaviour and uncover their experiences”, advising “it will be the most enlightening thing you ever do”

Barry Adams from State of DigitalSearch in a screen less worlds: how voice search and contextual triggers change everything

Barry Adams uncovered the impact of Voice technologies and what we can expect from them in the upcoming years:

  • By 2020, 50% of all searches will be activated by voice search
  • Reviewing the last year, already, 60% of people are actively using voice search. Barry predicts this will continue to increase drastically before eventually flattening off.

Ian Coupland from ExperianMarketing Personalisation evolving consumer engagement

  • Ian expressed the importance of personalisation, covering the ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ that we all need to know.
  • 88% of marketers reported seeing measurable improvements due to implementing personalisation techniques
  • Top tips for personalisation:
    • Personalisation is not all about the individual
    • Customer profiles and personas are vital, so ensure you match your content to these
    • If you don’t know your audience and how to personalise them – ask someone who does

Julio Taylor from Hallam – Design systems: the visual language of your brand

  • Brands need to work harder and remain relevant – new customers have higher expectations
  • Design complexity is increasing exponentially – if your a designer complexities and inconsistencies need to be addressed and resolved promptly
  • Julio defined the 80/20 rule –  80% of your experience should match the expectations of your customer in 20% of the time, through design systems
  • A design system is a living product that requires a proper process – it needs continuous evolution

Gavin Holland from Captialone –  Get inclusive design processes: design with people, not for people

  • Ensure everyone is involved, design with people not for people – you will receive far better results
  • When collecting ideas for design it is best to get a diverse range of individuals, those who experience customer contact and those who don’t
  • It is vital to test the usability of your designs – this ensures that user experience and design are aligned with one another

Meaghan Rogers from GoogleA fireside chat

  • Encourage freedom in your teams – more than likely a member of the team 20% of their time to work with other aspects of the business
  • Meaghan suggested a process to generate new ideas in a team environment:
    • Put away all electronic devices
    • Get everyone involved
    • Continue to build out an idea until it is complete
  • Premier agencies should be audience- focused and user- centric. Meaghan expressed if your site takes longer than 3 seconds, you will lose 54% and half of them will never return

If you are interested in all the latest digital marketing networking events and workshops in Chester and Nottingham area – keep your eyes peeled for our July events calendar, soon to be published. 

Written by Sascha Richards

Marketing and Research Assistant