Key Social Media Stats

By now, you don’t need us to tell you the importance social media platforms play in the every day lives of a huge percentage of the population – 72% of UK adult and 93% of teens and young adult (16 – 24 year olds) internet users have at least one social profile, these are pretty big stats!
We’ve chosen some of the stats we think are key in explaining the social trends of 2015, and the direction social may be heading in:

  • Facebook unsurprisingly is still the most popular social platform, with a fifth of its users claiming to go on the site more than ten times a day and of the adults who have a social profile, 48% of them only have one on Facebook.
  • Adults are now using newer online methods of communication to keep in touch with one another, the most popular being social media with 62%, followed closely by Instant messaging (57%).
  • Facebook (30%), YouTube (27%) and Instagram (17%) were the most used social platforms for 12 – 15 year olds – Twitter didn’t even make the cut!
  • Adults are just as likely to follow celebrities as they are their friends on Twitter – this could be a good sign for brands!
  • Aside from the humble ‘re-tweet’, ‘News’ is what most people are likely to tweet about (33%) and 1 in four adult Twitter users tweet about their frustrations – it seems we really are a country of moaners! This isn’t a good sign for brands, as the whole of the social world can usually see when someone is dissatisfied with their product or service (nothing new there then).

source: Ofcom

Written by Shannon May