Liverpool Girl Geeks Visit Clicky

We had the great pleasure of meeting with Chelsea Slater, Co-founder of Liverpool Girl Geeks yesterday!
Liverpool Girl Geeks are on a mission to reduce the gender imbalance in the tech industry, through encouraging and inspiring girls and woman of all ages to get involved! They do this through hosting workshops, meet-ups and events, all designed to inspire girls to view the tech and digital industry in a different light, one where girls are just as valuable and capable. They also have fantastic role models from the industry to speak with the girls, and show them they can achieve success in what is unfortunately a very male dominated industry.

we’re proud that we have a very strong team of women in all of our departments at Clicky

We met with Liverpool Girl Geeks and discussed some exciting ideas we had to support their mission! Unfortunately not all digital agencies have such an equal balance of male and female’s, but we’re proud that we have a very strong team of women in all of our departments at Clicky, from our female designers and developer to our Marketing Executives, Account Managers and Head of Operations! This is why we are very excited to support Liverpool Girl Geeks, and hopefully work on a collaboration with them!
We look forward to meeting with Chelsea next month, and will have some exciting news to share with you all in the near future! #watchthisspace #girlsintech
Here’s just a few photo’s from our meeting with Liverpool Girl Geeks:


We had a lovely lunch in Hickory’s, discussing all of the ideas both Clicky and Liverpool Girl Geeks had whizzing around in their heads! From left to right: Shannon, Chelsea, Laura, Rhian & Louise (taking the photo).

We grabbed 5 minutes of the girls time when we got back to the office and made them pose for a photo… or two! #girlpower

The only photo we managed to get of everyone smiling… with their eyes open!

Clicky Girls

Here’s some of the outtakes, and there was plenty of them!

Written by Shannon May