London Fashion Week | The Impact of Digital on Brands

As fashion fever sets in amongst all the fashionistas, designers and retailers of the world it’s likely all you’ll see across the web this month is ‘who wore what’ and ‘the next big trend’ leading up to and following London Fashion Week.
Year on year, we see the amount of ‘buzz’ surrounding these type of events increase and as social media continues to evolve, more and more of us are given the chance to join in and voice our opinion on that ‘stunning lace dress’ or as the more common scenario goes: that ‘ridiculous hat’ that any normal person wouldn’t be seen dead in!
For retailers of any calibre, London Fashion Week generally equals an increase in sales. The likes of H&M or ASOS are not strutting down the catwalk, showing off their new line of thousand pound purses or jumpers, but what they are doing is joining the chat online, producing great content and using the new trends discovered at fashion week to inspire their own collections.
Fashion-lovers want to shop and be inspired by the runway, as well as wanting to explore the events for themselves. Fashion brands are now including audiences who don’t quite make it onto the FROW through the power of digital. Here’s 8 interesting facts surrounding London Fashion Week:

  • London Fashion Week contributes £26bn to the UK economy – for five days worth of fashion mayhem, this figure is huge!
  • £100m of orders are placed during the week each season and £160m worth of media coverage takes place, which presents a huge opportunity for brands to capitalise on.
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  • One in five fashionistas in the UK under 35 has used their mobile to track down comparisons, offers and reviews whilst in-store and 16% of consumers researching online bought the product offline afterwards – this shows the ever increasing shift of bricks and mortar stores turning into showrooms.
  • In the run-up to London Fashion Week it is essential for advertisers to be on top of style trends but also search trends. Searches around London Fashion Week are rising, they’re up 25% year-on-year, with Mobile growing by 65% year-on-year.
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  • A huge 70% of UK internet users are buying clothes and footwear online, as well as 1 in 5 using a smartphone to research their purchases.
  • People watching Fashion Week content on YouTube has risen by a 400% compared with two years ago.
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  • London Fashion Week has a global presence with a total of 196 countries having watched the live stream last year.
  • UK consumers spend £10.7bn a year on fashion online and are expected to rise to £19bn by 2019.

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Image from Haute Living

Written by Shannon May