We partnered with our long-term client, The Tabor Group to create a dedicated campaign celebrating the two year anniversary since same sex marriage was made legal in England and Wales.
Since 2014, there has been great progress made in the acceptance of same-sex marriage. However realising that we still have a long way to go, The Tabor Group approached us to help them create a campaign highlighting just how much there is yet to do around the world for LGBTQ+ rights.
Th microsite acts as the perfect platform to tell the story of how far the LGBTQ+ community have come through the legalisation of same sex marriages in various countries, and pushes for acceptance of same sex marriages globally.
Love Equals PNG Image
The site features contributions from leading members of the LGBTQ+ community, including Carrie J. Lyell, Assistant Editor of Diva Magazine, Rebecca Root, star of BBC’s Boy Meet’s Girl and many more.
We also partnered with LGBTQ+ youth charity Stonewall, inviting people to donate to the charity and support those who currently face challenges.
So in honour of the 2-year anniversary, take a look at Tabor’s Love Equals campaign and support equality in love. On social too? Tell us what you think using #loveequals
LGBT Tabor Iphone Mock Up
We also asked the team here at Clicky what they thought love equals, video above not working? Check it out below:

Tabor video- ‘Love Is’ from Clicky Media on Vimeo.

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager