76.46% decrease in CPC for The Underfloor Heating Store

Analytics Graph
During our time working on the account over the last few months, we’ve seen some fantastic results in their Pay Per Click campaign, we’ve done a lot of work on bringing the Cost-Per-Conversion down (this is the cost of all the clicks paid for divided by the number of conversions/sales).
We’ve achieved this through a number of optimisation techniques including adding negative keywords to the campaign to bring in more high quality traffic and avoid wasted clicks.
Below are some examples of the stats related to the savings we’ve made for the client.
There was an absolutely massive 76.46% decrease in Cost-Per-Conversion from Feb 2013 to Jun 2013, saving tens of thousands of pounds. Currently the Cost-Per-Conversion for July has decreased again and if this continues then there will be an 81.69% decrease from Feb 2013, once again saving the client more money. All through our optimisation techniques, while increasing conversions by 146.07% at the same time!
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search