Megan's Work Experience at Clicky

Thursday, May 4, 2023

I’m Megan. As a year 12 student at Sir John Deans sixth form college, my time spent being introduced to the world of work at Clicky Media has been invaluable. This opportunity has been a fantastic insight into the digital branding and marketing industry, opening my eyes to where my A-Levels in English language, French and Geography could lead me.


Written by

Agency Coordinator

After discovering the opportunity to partake in work experience here, I was excited to learn more about the agency and roles. Over the two days, I was made to feel like part of the team within this interactive and contemporary working environment, as I was introduced to lots of friendly specialists that make up Clicky.

Having been welcomed to the office, head of the Growth Team James who explained all about the department and challenged me to apply these skills in finding opportunities to improve and promote brands aligning with specific needs and values. I had great fun developing this new and interesting skill set looking at varying elements of success and improvements; I don’t think I’ll look at a website the same way ever again! Later in the day, Kumari introduced me to the complexities of the work created by the Content team like using data trends, honed research and crafted writing to build identity and interaction for brands. I had the chance to apply these skills when writing a blog like those used to increase exposure and engagement. Through this I learnt about the value of lots of aspects (like the importance of keywords to create more successful outreach) and discovered where my passion for writing can take me. 

On my second day I learnt a myriad new skills again. This began with a Performance Creative task, taught to me by Simon, I learnt and applied how Clicky identifies and affects successful marketing strategies- expanding my understanding of how the organic adverts I see everyday work. After a fun lunch out at Chester Food Market meeting more of the team, it was back to work this time in the creative world of UX design with Hayley and gaining much needed career advice from Director Laura.

I really enjoyed the independent process of applying the knowledge I gained from each area to tasks and then the challenge of presenting this to gain feedback. My time doing work experience at Clicky Media has sparked an interest within this sector that I look forward to exploring further.

A huge thank you to all of the team members for supporting and encouraging me over the last few days, and especially to Jen for facilitating the opportunity.