Do Millennials want Insta-friendly holidays or just better holidays?

I’ve read some really interesting articles today in the mainstream media about how Millennials are booking their holidays differently in comparison to previous generations, with getting good pics for Instagram high on the agenda.

Triggered by the announcement that Club 18-30 brand is to close its doors after more than 50 years, the media have been desperately looking into what 2018’s young holidaymakers are looking for.

Here are 2 very similar articles published today:

Their general conclusion is that the Millennial audience is looking for Insta-friendly destinations. What does that mean? Well, basically when choosing holiday destinations, Millennials want to make sure their destination will throw up some interesting Instagram-worthy moments.

Personally, I think this is a simplistic way of looking at the subject. Yes, Millennials will want to take some great pictures for their social profiles (and show-off in the process) but I believe this change in holiday requirements is due to the Millennial traveler being much better informed than in previous generations, meaning they therefore seek to squeeze a little bit more out of their 2 weeks away.

Consider how you went about being inspired to book your last holiday (consciously and subliminally), the number of reviews you read before you went, the number of Instagram pictures you looked at and the number of YouTube reviews you watched. All of these factors are massive influencers in holiday choices, resulting in different and more interesting destinations.

Instagram is a great medium to share our pictures of travels and yes, people do show-off (however arguably we have been doing this for a lot longer than we have had Instagram). Admittedly, getting that perfect beach shot is probably far too high up on the list of holiday priorities, but let’s not be too down on the poor old Millennial.

Millennials are undeniably better informed, with an almost infinite access to information, and are therefore more likely to make much more detailed decisions when selecting where to spend their hard-earned money. Just think – most have never lived without constant access to the internet and they are now about to head off on their travels.

The big job now is for the travel industry to keep up with their demands – it’s all about the experience, not just the destination. Oh, and perhaps one or two good pictures for Instagram!

I recently presented at the Global Travel Conference and CLIA Broaden Your Horizon event about these 2 subject. Please get in touch if you need any more info.

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Written by Oli Yeates


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