Mobile Statistics & Predictions 2014

So now we ask the question, why go mobile in 2014? Recent statistics have shown that 1.4 billion smartphones were in use worldwide in 2013. This huge figure means that one in seven people currently use a smartphone. Pretty impressive and a pretty strong indicator that it’s important for your business’ online presence to cater to mobile users.
Other statistics show that without a strong mobile site, you can lack recommendation from your users. In fact, 57% of users wouldn’t recommend a company if they felt their mobile site didn’t match up to their desktop site.
But what does this mean for your business? Well, it seems that mobile Internet users are far more likely to convert than those on desktops or laptops. It may be tempting whilst using your laptop to search around more and be distracted by other products. Mobile searchers are on the go and make decisions far more quickly; having an easily accessible mobile site will allow your customers to browse and buy far more easily than before. This differs to last year, when more consumers browsed on their smartphones and then converted on their desktop or laptop later on.
Other predictions for mobile this year include a rise in location marketing. Although to some this may seem slightly intrusive, knowing the whereabouts of your consumers can be invaluable information, allowing you to target your digital marketing campaigns more precisely.
In terms of advertising, mobile is on the up. Statistics show that by 2018, mobile advertising will reach 20% of overall spend for digital advertising worldwide. This implies that companies will be investing more and more, not only in digital advertising, but across mobile platforms too.
From February 2013 to February 2014, use of social media platforms on smartphones and tablets has seen some interesting changes. Use of Facebook has risen from 43.14% to a whopping 69.18%, which suggests that not only is your company’s mobile presence important, but you need to ensure that your social media presence is up to scratch too.
One of the most interesting predictions surrounding mobile Internet usage in 2014 is that some people believe it will overtake desktop / laptop Internet usage this year. With cheaper phone contracts, users are being given more and more data, allowing them the ability to search for longer on their smartphone. This all depends, of course, on whether or not mobile continues its impressive growth. Only time will tell!
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Statistics and information sourced from Business Insider, Global Stats Counter, Mobile Marketing Magazine, Search Engine Journal, and Convince and Convert.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search