Revisiting Our Mobile Statistics & Predictions for 2014

We discovered that by 2018, mobile advertising would reach 20% of overall spend for digital advertising worldwide. In this year alone, UK mobile ad spend is likely to reach around £2billion. If this is simply the UK’s expenditure, then we expect worldwide mobile advertising might reach 20% before 2018. We’ll keep you updated.
In the UK alone this year, mobile advertising accounts for 13.4% of media spend, so it’s no great surprise that this platform will out perform print in the coming years. Businesses reliant on print advertising as their main marketing outlet may discover a lack of interest, leads, and enquiries if mobile advertising (and digital advertising, for that matter) is ignored.
Back in 2013, 1.4 billion people used a smartphone. By the end of this year, a whopping 1.75 billion people worldwide will use a smartphone. They’re some pretty outrageous numbers; numbers that you don’t miss out on.
If you needed anymore convincing that mobile advertising is on the up, then take a look at these statistics: in June 2013, the percentage of Facebook users on a mobile or tablet was 54.7% compared to a huge 71.89% in June 2014. Targeting users this way is effective and efficient and means that your company gains the mobile presence it needs.
Statistics courtesy of The Drum, The Guardian, and Global Stats Counter.

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search