Mobile websites improve mobile SEO

With mobile web browsing going through the roof, mobile search engine rankings are becoming more and more important.
Google uses a separate index for mobile content which is considerably smaller than the normal Google index. Because of this it is typically much easier to get a higher ranking in the mobile search results.

In Google’s webmaster tools it recommends the following (with regards to mobile websites)

  • Keep the layout simple
  • Design for thumbs, not mice
  • Prioritize content – this is always going to be the case for Google
  • Use uniquely mobile features
  • Make it easy to convert
  • Make sure your mobile site doesn’t limit access to just mobile devices (because search bots are not mobile devices)
  • Create and submit a mobile sitemap
  • Be sure to optimize your site’s performance to render fast results for users and search engines. Slower load speed can result to a higher bounce rate
  • Make sure your mobile URLs are viewable on a mobile device (Google will not deliver them in results unless they are compatible with published mobile markup standards such as XHTML Basic 1.1, XHTML MP 1.2 and WML 1.3)
  • Register your mobile site on Google Places, which recently unveiled a location-based recommendation engine called Hotpot

Since the launch of our own mobile website we have seen our natural Google rankings improve and our SEO team are continuing to work on these.
We have also have a number of clients who are also benefiting from improved Google rankings as a result of new mobile websites and more importantly an improved conversion rate >>
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Written by Oli Yeates


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