My first week at Clicky

I got to the door of the Clicky offices at 8:20 early, nervous and anxious to start my new job as a PPC assistant on the marketing team with my head racing with questions. Are the people who work there going to be nice? Is it going to live up to my expectations? Am I going to enjoy it? You know, the usual pre-new-job nerves.
My first day went by in a flash. When you’re new at Clicky you’re invited to do something they call “speed dating”. Basically, you get 5-10 minutes with every member of the Clicky team. It gave me a chance to meet each person, find out what their job role is and a bit more about them. It’s a great way to put names you hear around the office to faces (and then hopefully remember them)!
I’ve had to soak up so much information about the company, what I would be doing, the training I would receive. It’s been all go from the start and the pressure has been on me but I think that’s been a blessing in disguise because I’ve learnt so much already in the very short time of being here. From researching keywords for client accounts, to looking at ways we can do what our client’s competitors are doing but even better, to learning how we budget for each client account.
The things I’m looking forward to working at Clicky are; short term, working on all the different client accounts in any which way I can and long term, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into helping build, maintain and optimise client PPC accounts!
The main challenge that I’ve faced since being here is coming to grips with the sheer volume of things to learn but there’s a great support network. If I ever need to ask someone for help or advice on something I’m working on everyone is more than willing to give up some of their time to go through it with me.
So, to answer the questions that I asked myself, yes, I enjoy everything about the job, yes it lived up to my expectations and yes, all the people I work with are the most professional, approachable and lovely people I’ve ever worked with.

Written by Rich Tarr

Senior Front End Developer

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