New Park for Darwin Escapes | #AprilFools

Our fantastic long-term client Darwin Escapes have an exciting new park opening later this year!
With 16 beautiful parks located across the UK already, Darwin are continuing to expand their offerings, however this offering isn’t targeted towards their usual customers.
Their resort isn’t like any of their other parks, Yappy Days Resort & Spa is a pet only retreat designed to give your much loved member of the family time away from their pesky humans! With activities and facilities such as long walks, fine dining and a swimming pool, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your pet is being well cared for, making new friends and generally having a fantastic holiday!
As always, we are delighted when Darwin ask us to help them with new projects, and this one was no different (if a little more exciting – you know we’re all huge animal lovers at Clicky). The content, design and development of the new page was all done by our brilliant in-house team, and we’re excited to show it off to you!
Take a look at Darwin’s new park for yourself here.
**Did you like Darwin Escapes April Fools? We thoroughly enjoyed this project, and enjoyed seeing the reactions with some people quick to catch on and others not so!**

Written by Shannon May