AdWords is being redesigned

AdWords has been active for 15 years now, and in this time we have seen huge behaviour shifts in the way people search online. Consumers now visit websites, download apps and watch videos on a plethora of different devices from desktops to smartphones and tablets.
In the beginning, AdWords was simply a tool that allowed advertisers to place texts ads on search results, but fast forward a few years and the type of ads available to advertisers has more than doubled. It’s now possible to place display and video ads across Google’s Display Network and YouTube, as well as create shopping campaigns to get your product in front of the people that are searching for it.
Because of this change in behaviour and advances in digital that we are seeing on a daily basis, Google said they’ve decided to redesign AdWords to benefit advertisers globally regardless of campaign size or objectives.
Google Adwords Redesign
Here are the three key areas of the platform AdWords say they are focusing on:

  • Marketing objectives are becoming more of a vocal point, as they intend to place more emphasis on your business rather than the product you are selling. This should aid the way you manage and measure ads and make it easy to optimise campaigns based on your businesses individual objectives.
  • Push insights that will be of most value to your business in front of you. That way you will be seeing the most relevant data to help structure campaigns and identify any opportunities.
  • The new design is set to ensure that advertisers are able to complete their tasks in one simple uncluttered place, making the most of that precious time.

Although Google will be making changes to AdWords during 2016/17, it’s only the look and feel that will change (changes to the material design, which is the design language at the core of Google apps like; Search, Maps and Gmail). There will be no upgrades or migrations needed, meaning campaigns will run the same as they currently do.
We’re looking forward to seeing these changes, and experience the newly designed AdWords.
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Written by Mark Bissoni

PPC Specialist