New Retro Raleigh Microsite Launched!

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

We’re pleased to announce the launch of another website for Raleigh – the new “Retro Raleigh” Microsite!

We have partnered with Raleigh since February 2018, and the new Retro Raleigh microsite marks the fifth website launch in just four years with the client, following on from the launch of a microsite for XLC earlier this year. 

The new microsite continues Raleigh’s commitment to delivering an industry-leading digital presence for their brand. 

The site currently makes use of a distinct eighties theme to celebrate the launch of Raleigh’s new 2022 Tuff Burner 40th Anniversary Edition, which sold out on the site two hours after it was launched, and has been designed to scale over time.

Check out the site here

“The plan is to make this the central source of truth for all of Raleigh’s iconic bikes including the Chopper, Burner, Grifter, Tomahawk, TI- The list goes on!”

Lee Kidger, Raleigh’s Managing Director 

‘‘I really enjoyed working on the “Retro Raleigh” site, it was such a fun project to be a part of. It’s also really great to see that fans of the retro bikes are engaging with the site!” 

Hayley Roberts, UX and Conversion Design Manager