New site launched for NHS London Neonatal ODN

Since beginning work with NHS England in 2012 we have been involved in a number of different digital projects and it’s been a really rewarding experience, especially when we are given the opportunity to work on some really vital parts of the service such as the London Neonatal ODN.
The London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network works with clinicians, professionals and parent representatives to ensure appropriate neonatal care is received by babies and their families across 28 hospitals within Greater London. They coordinate care and transport for sick new-born babies.
This new website will act as a central place to support parents and their families throughout their time in neonatal care.
The site is very simple, completely responsive to work on any mobile or tablet device perfectly and we & the client are really pleased with the result.
Take a look here >>

Written by Oli Yeates


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