new starter / Declan

Our new PPC Assistant, Declan joined the team last week, so we asked him to answer a few important questions to get to know him a little better – here’s what he had to say.

1. What’s your role at Clicky?

PPC Assistant.

2. Why did you choose Clicky?

I chose Clicky because it seemed like a great environment to work in, being surrounded by people who all have the same goal of driving great results for clients.

3. What you’re most looking forward to working on.

I am most looking forward to working with the larger clients, so I can test my ability, whilst also helping the client’s business grow even more.

4. Three words to describe yourself

Friendly, organised, laid-back.

5. What would you say is your biggest achievement/proudest moment?

My proudest moment recently would have to be getting the job at Clicky.

6. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment was probably falling over and missing an open goal in the school football cup final. Granted, it rained a lot that day.

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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