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Here at Clicky, we’ve been having a bit of a recruitment drive. To welcome the newest Front End Developer, Luke, to the team, we’ve asked him some questions to get to know him better. Here’s what he had to say.

1. what’s your role at clicky?

My role at Clicky is being a Junior Front End Developer. Basically I try to turn the really nice designs into really nice websites, and hopefully learn stuff along the way!

2. why did you choose clicky?

I chose Clicky because I was really impressed with the quality of the websites that Clicky had produced for its clients, and also the rate in which the agency is growing; it’s a very exciting time. As a junior developer, you’re really hoping to land your first role at a well-established agency that delivers high-quality work and Clicky surpassed all my expectations. I came for my interview and the warm and open approach that I received from Mark and Claire had me sold.

3. what you’re most looking forward to working on.

Anything and everything! It’s always nice working on recognisable brands so that when I go home I can say to my girlfriend “Guess who’s website I’ve been making today?” … I think I’m always more impressed than her though!

4. three words to describe yourself

Happy, Gamer, Geek.

5. what would you say is your biggest achievement/proudest moment?

It’s probably a tie between getting my PGCE and landing my role at Clicky. I had to be very disciplined, self motivated and work hard to achieve both but with becoming a Front End Developer; it’s my dream job so it probably just edges it a little bit.

6. what’s your most embarrassing moment?

So.. *Story time* I studied Music at University and specialised in playing the guitar, I used to get the bus everywhere and carried my guitar around in a hard case. I got on the bus this one time and it was jam packed, lots of people standing etc. As I was making my way down the aisle of the bus with my guitar, the driver accelerated and my guitar case flew forward. Unfortunately, it hit a seated man in the face. The whole bus saw it, went silent and I was apologising profusely. The man’s wife was swearing at me and calling me all the names under the sun and her husband was nursing a nosebleed. I felt so bad and wanted the ground to swallow me up there and then. In the end they wouldn’t accept my apology so there was nothing I could do; I just went and sat down in shame with the whole bus glaring at me! IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I’M SO SORRY.

7. three skills/talents you possess

  • I can do a Chewbacca impression: #LIFESKILLS
  • I’m a very open collaborator: When I was studying music, I quickly learnt that being open to constructive criticism allowed me to develop quicker and benefitted the overall project. It wasn’t an easy skill to learn as nobody likes to put themselves out there to be told that they aren’t good enough, but I consciously worked to get rid of that fear of failure. I think that this skill has benefitted me most in my time as a developer and I like to foster an open and honest approach on any projects that I work on.
  • I pride myself on my ability to discern the difference in taste between diet coke and regular coke: Ordered regular coke but think the barman has given you diet? Either he’s trying to tell you something or he’s made a mistake! Either way, I’m your man.
  • I support Manchester United (This makes me very unpopular with the web team)

Written by Hollie Hines

Content & Social Media Specialist

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