New Website and Marketing Campaign for Crest Plus

Crest Plus have been established for 15 years, working to help contracting and freelancer individuals get paid for the work they do in the optimum way available to them.
Due to a potential change in legislation in 2016, Crest Plus’ primary objective was to identify an updated, effective business and marketing strategy. This is why they approached Clicky to help assist in the planning, development, implementation and management of an online presence along with an ROI focused, effective, modern digital marketing and promotional strategy across key periods in the marketing calendar.
The new clean and professional looking website promotes exactly who Crest Plus are, and a slight colour change clearly defines each of their service offerings. With new video and imagery captured by our in-house videographer, and subtle animations implemented by our fantastic developers, the new Crest Plus site is much more modern, engaging and user friendly.
crest plus imac
In addition to creating their new website, Crest Plus decided to run their online marketing campaign that coincided with the new website launch with Clicky. Beginning with Paid Search, Crest Plus wanted to establish a local presence online that worked well with their current offline activities in the local area.
We are delighted to be working with Crest Plus, and are over the moon with the website and campaign we’ve produced and launched.

Written by Shannon May