Nottingham Trent University MSc Internship project – 6 weeks in review

In June, I Tracy, post graduate student in Branding and Advertising at Nottingham Trent University, joined the Clicky team in Nottingham on a 6-week work placement program. 

My challenge was to look at innovative and creative marketing and communication services which are rising in popularity, with a focus on Augmented Reality and its various applications. 

Now that the 6 weeks are over, I am glad to share with you some very interesting facts about AR.

What is AR?

AR facilitates the overlay of digital information onto the physical world, as opposed to VR which is purely digital and attempts to isolate the user from the real world.

Since when has AR been around?

AR first emerged in 1968, but only really gained massive attention from the public in 2016, with the launch of the game Pokémon Go. AR is predicted to become mainstream in 5-10 years’ time.

Where is AR used?

AR has been used increasingly widely in business, with forecasted revenue in 2020 to be $120B. Any industry that can enhance the customer experience by providing digital information (in the form of text, audio, 3D models, etc.) within a real physical space can benefit from AR. 

With that in mind, eCommerce, Housing & Furniture and Travel & Tourism are amongst the industries that have the best and transformational AR practices. Some great examples are:

During my time with Clicky, I took a trip to Derby for a breakfast seminar; ‘Embracing the Power and Potential of Virtual Reality’, and had the chance to trial the AR app Made in Derby. This project involved placing 8 stars on the 2 main pedestrianised streets of Derby, called the Walk of Fame. Using the app to scan the stars, models of the people who have contributed to the growth of Derby appear on the screen, telling stories about Derby, which was impressive and very memorable!

Me standing next to Bess of Hardwick, England’s richest Elizabethan woman after Queen Elizabeth I, who used her considerable wealth to help Derby’s poor and needy

Looking into AR has been absolutely fascinating, and my time at Clicky has been amazingly fun. It has been a really useful experience and definitely the highlight of my Master’s course. Thank you Clicky!

Written by Sascha Richards

Marketing and Research Assistant