October Update: Everyone back together 🙌

2020 has been the weirdest of times for everyone, I know it isn’t over, but today feels like a victory and we think it needs celebrating.

We rode the big start to the storm in March and although the storm continues we’ve been buoyed by our client’s attitude to investing in digital. I’ve said it before, but it feels like 10 years of digital transformation has happened in 6 months.

We work for clients in a wide range of different sectors and have a number of clients in the travel sector. Closely working with them, we shifted our focus and were understanding of their business issues. For some we paused, for others, we pivoted and built their pipeline for the next stage. During this time, of course, it affected our revenues and we had to ask 13 of the team to go on furlough leave. 

For those on leave we had agency catch-ups, we did virtual tea breaks, we had remote challenges for running and step counts, and we spoke regularly. Each person had a training plan and they attacked that with the spirit that makes us Clicky.

As time went by we gradually brought members of the team back into work until yesterday when we are all back full time.

We’re so proud of how we have stood firm as a team – in March our strap-line was ‘Tough times don’t last, tough teams do’ and that has really become a bit of a mantra. We have even managed to strengthen the team in the past 2 months with 5 new members joining Clicky remotely.

We are now a team of 50, geographically in London, Brighton, Bath, Chester, and Nottingham. We have been able to recruit new team members and accelerated our plans for remote working, opened new office space in Brighton and Nottingham and we have some super exciting plans afoot for our Chester HQ.

The year ahead is hard to predict but we couldn’t be in better shape.

Written by Oli Yeates


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