Olympics Moments: Think With Google

We’ve talked a lot about ‘micro moments’ here at Clicky, but we’ve noticed the Olympics naturally create its own unexpected moments in Google’s trending search results!
These ‘Olympics moments,’ similarly to regular micro moments, are an intense desire to act on a particular moment in time. People feel a need to engage with the Olympics, whether it’s cheering on Mo Farrah in the 5,000 metres (well done Mo!) or singing the national anthem out loud. Such a huge worldwide event sparks massive interest among the global population. That means a lot of people are using their smartphones, tablets and laptops to look up various facts and figures about athletes, countries and even the history of the Olympics. How many times have you asked an Olympics-related question only to answer yourself with ‘I’ll Google it’? It’s our innate curiosity to learn more which fuels our ‘moment making’ madness.
So who is Googling what? And where? Here are some amazing search trends from the Rio Olympics 2016!

1. People don’t know how to swim?

We’ll start with an intriguing one – the most searched question in the world for swimming was ‘what is swimming?’ We don’t know whether people are trying to find out what the Olympics swimming events involves, or if they just don’t know how to swim. We tried to find out how many people in the world can’t swim – and the closest we got to a reputable source was a WordPress blog called Maths Pig. According to them, in 2011 only 46% of adults on earth knew how to swim. The blog also explains, rather helpfully, why zombies don’t even need to swim (can you see the huge wormhole this has taken us down!). But on a more sensible note, Google shows that search trends for swimming always peak at every Olympics, but they’re at their absolute highest for Rio 2016! This can only mean that more people than ever before in the world are using their devices to learn more about a particular subject. 

2. The long jumpers live up to their name

Searches for individual male athletes competing in the long jump were, well, jumpy! With the exception of Greg Rutherford who remained at the number one spot for the most part, the other athletes spiked and dipped dramatically throughout the Olympics so far. This includes China’s Dong Bin, Canada’s Derek Drouin and Will Claye, and Christian Taylor from the US. Interestingly though, the gold medal winner Jeff Henderson, never topped the Google search results. So at least the gold medal for trending on Google goes to Team GB’s Rutherford.

3. Fiji wins its first medal and tops global trending searches

Fiji earned a gold medal in Rugby 7s – making it the first time ever that the country has won a medal at the Olympics. Congratulations Fiji!
fiji rugby sevens

4. great britain are keen for two rounds with Mike Tyson

Google, who double as the wizards of search, and also that creepy guy next door, have even shared with us which Olympic sport is most searched for in each country across the globe. It appears that Great Britain love the boxing, with the French preferring the Swimming events and the Spanish are partial to a bit of basketball. Basketball seems to be the favourite globally, with Argentina, Brazil, the US and China all making searches around the sport as well.

5. #PhelpsFace storms the Internet

Michael Phelp’s concentrating face broke the Internet with 3 times more searches than Olympic swimmer Lilly King’s iconic ‘finger wag’ at Russia’s Yulia Efimova, who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs twice in 18 months. But it was inevitable that the combination of high engagement and social media that #PhelpsFace went viral…

phelps yay

“I regret not choosing Clicky for my digital marketing campaign.”

Personally, we think the real winner is this photo of Usain Bolt’s fabulous smile at the cameras just before he crossed the finishing line for the 100m semi final!
That moment when you realise choosing Clicky for your digital marketing agency was a fabulous choice.

That moment when you realise choosing Clicky as your digital marketing agency was a fabulous choice.

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Feature Image source: Robert Deutsch for USA Today Sports

Written by Shannon May