Open Door website launched

We’re proud to announce the launch of a brand new site we’ve been working on with our client, Open Door!

Open Door is part of the Halton Housing family, building and developing homes and commercial properties on the open market, for sale and to rent throughout the UK. They offer a range of housing solutions – from shared ownership to outright sale – seeking to find a home that truly suits their customers’ individual needs.

Acting as the commercial arm of our existing client, Halton Housing, Open Door was a new concept which required an impactful brand identity in order to position themselves solidly and competitively alongside other leading brands in the property market.

Our insights and design departments here at Clicky worked closely with the Open Door team to establish a new brand name, digital identity, associated guidelines and creative assets. We held several strategic planning sessions, establishing a number of potential brand names, along with logo concepts which were presented to the client. After much deliberation, Open Door was chosen to represent the business and was soon brought to life by the team.

As part of their ambitious expansion plans and new digital brand strategy, Open Door wanted to produce a market-leading, easy-to-use, customer-centric site that would not only look great, but offer thoughtful and intelligent solutions to common complexities that can arise during the property search process.

We combined our own thorough research with the clients’ deep understanding of the housing market to develop a fluid system that keeps the customer at the forefront of the online journey at all touch points. Advanced search filters, as well as handy features such as an intuitive eligibility calculator, ultimately help online users as much as possible throughout their journey towards getting on, or moving up, the property ladder.

Reflecting on the project, Rebecca Lawrence, Commercial Sales Manager at Open Door commented:

I would say you’ve met and exceeded expectations and quality – it’s been a really straightforward process from our side of things, having worked on many big branding and web projects previously, it’s one of the most pain-free experiences I’ve had. 

We’re really proud of the resulting site, and welcome your thoughts! View the website here for yourself >>

The launch of the website is very much the beginning for the new digital brand, who have a number of further developments in the pipeline to strengthen their portfolio. We’ve no doubt that this, combined with the impending online launch strategy, will propel the business forward in the future.

Written by Olivia Lowden

Brand & Office Manager