Our growing relationship with the University of Chester

We also have a few University of Chester graduates working for us, including Jason and Alice from our SEO department; our new PPC Manager, Marc Spear; and even Oliver, when Chester was part of the University of Liverpool.
Recently, Mathew Findlay-Line, a third-year Business Management and Entrepreneurship student, approached us seeking information for his current assignment on managing new business ventures.
Mathew wished to know all about our recruitment process; he saw us as a successful SME, who have managed to create and refine a growing employment procedure.
Recently at Clicky, we’ve hired our new office manager, Gail Rosier, who has started to implement new strategies that should ensure our current recruitment process becomes even better!
We have an incredibly small turnover of staff at Clicky Media because of our hiring abilities. We make sure from the very start of the process that we know the qualities and personality of a person, which makes for excellent employees.
Of course, another reason for our low turnover is probably because Clicky is such a fantastic place to work!
Mathew stated that: “It seems that managing expectations is a fundamental element in all that Clicky Media does, and that they view recruitment as a two way process, which allows the interviewees to feel part of the ‘Clicky Family’.”
We hope to continue our relationship with the University of Chester, benefiting from the high calibre of graduates that dispense from their doors!

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search