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Content Writing
Increase Traffic. Improve conversion rates. Lower bounce rates.
These are all phrases that any business loves to hear and good copywriting can help with all three. Copywriting can be tricky to get right, yet at Clicky Media, our writing expertise encompasses a wide range of styles, enabling us to perfectly adapt to any style you need.
The process seems simple: research, draft and then proofread. But in reality, it takes time and effort to produce effective copy. Through this process, we can collaborate on a range of ideas including updating your current content or producing bespoke material especially catered to you.
The main aim for copywriting is to ensure content is well written, relevant and useful, and to portray an honest view of your company.
Pinterest, the popular photo-sharing website, has recently been rolling out new developments surrounding advertising. These include:

  • Personal Pin Recommendations, which display more pins surrounding your search history.
  • Rich Pins, which contain more information for potential customers (buying options, price, availability, etc.)
  • Promoted Pins, which are unobtrusive, natural display adverts.

With over 70,000,000[*] members worldwide, Pinterest is a perfect platform to present infrographics, brand logos and merchandise to drive traffic and to overall increase brand awareness.
A quick mention to Instagram, another extremely popular photo-sharing website, who is now also using advertising. At present, it is only available in the United States and only open to huge pre-selected brands (Paypal etc.) This will be rolling out worldwide though, so keep checking back for further updates.

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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