Overview of 2014's Search Engine Statistics

Market Share
Google’s search engine share fell by 9.93% on Desktops in 2014 when compared with 2013, however their Mobile/Tablet share rose by 3.86%. Yahoo’s share fell in both markets and Baidu (China’s biggest search engine) had a staggering increase of 10.16% on Desktops in 2014.
The mobile/tablet market share chart highlights the shift in consumers search habits. With mobile search becoming increasingly popular, retailers are investing in responsive websites that satisfy their customers demands and keeps them in a competitive position.
desktop search engine 2014
Google Adwords increased an average of 26% in the U.S across the 9 major industry categories between Q1 of 2012 and 2014.
Yahoo’s CPC (in the U.S) had an average increase of 9.2%, however three of the categories saw a decrease (Home & Garden -9%, Telecommunications -30%, Travel -4%).
Core Search Queries
Very little has changed in relation to search queries over the past three years. In 2014 Google saw the biggest increase with 1.14 billion when compared with 2013. Yahoo remained the same at 2.15 billion, and both Microsoft and Ask saw a decrease in their search queries.
search queries
It’s clear to see that Google are on top in the search engine world. Their market share and CPC are increasing, as are the number of search queries they receive every year. 2014 has seen numerous algorithm updates and exciting news from Google, and their success only seems to be growing. Yahoo saw a decrease with their market share, and Bing only saw a small increase on their desktop share. Both companies seem to have varied progress, as their performance is on the rise in some areas and lacking in others. Google seems to have nothing to worry about at the moment if 2015 is anything like 2014.
Now those numbers are out of the way, let’s have a look at some of 2014’s search trends on Google and Bing:

  • In the UK the most searched for TV show on Bing was Game of Thrones, this only ranked third on Google, with Pepper Pig taking first place
  • Google’s holiday destination search saw Paris in the top spot, where as France was third on Bing’s list of international destinations, Iceland came in at number one
  • Peaches Geldof was the top celebrity searched for on Bing and the number one departed celebrity searched for on Google
  • Facebook came top on both of the search engines social media trend
  • The Scottish referendum was the 8th most searched for news story on Bing, but it came in at number three on Google

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