Paid Media Roundup: GA4 funnel reports, similar audiences and P.Max reporting

Thursday, May 11, 2023


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Senior Paid Media Specialist

Custom Funnel Reports in GA4

On May 2nd, Google announced that custom funnel reports can be created in GA4, allowing us to see what steps users are taking to complete an action and where they might be dropping off. In addition a new User Purchase Journey report has been added, which shows the drop off between each stage of the purchase funnel.

Similar Audiences No Longer Supported

In Google Ads, from May 1st Similar audiences were no longer supported. Similar segments can't be generated for first party data any more, and from August 1st similar segments will be removed completely from ad groups and campaigns.

Asset Group-level Reporting for P.Max

Google Ads has introduced reporting as asset-group level for Performance Max campaigns, where advertisers can now analyse metrics including conversion data at an asset group level. It's currently being rolled out, and therefore not available in all accounts at the moment.