Paid Media Roundup: Google Ads updates & TikTok Search Ads

Friday, March 17, 2023

Here are the most recent Paid Media updates covering: Conversion Window setting in Google ads update New Customers Column on Google Ads TikTok entering the Search Ads market

1. Conversion Window setting in Google ads updated to match GA4

From March 2023 conversion window settings within Google Ads will be updated to match the conversion window specified in GA4. If you have conversion windows that don’t align within each platform, it’s likely that you’ll receive an email with this information.

Advertisers can opt out by contacting Google Support at any time.

2. New Customers Column

A new metric is now available in Google Ads – New Customers. If data is showing in there, it’s handy to compare metrics for new and existing customers in your ads account.Google defines the New Customer column as:““New customers” is the number of people who saw this ad, then purchased something online from your website or app for the first time (within the last 540 days). This doesn’t include people who visited your physical shop for the first time or people who made their first purchase offline”.

3. TikTok is entering the Search Ads market

The new kid on the block is challenging Google and Microsoft Ads as it’s reportedly expanding its ads offering to include search.

It had a Beta rollout last year, where those who tested it said that when search ads were enabled, they could gather search term data and understand which search terms were responsible for conversions.

Advertisers will apparently be able to bid on specific keywords and phrases that relate to their products or services.

Definitely one to keep an eye on, and to see how Google and MSAds respond.