Paid Media Roundup: MS Ads, Performance Max and GA4

Wednesday, June 7, 2023


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Senior Paid Media Specialist


From July 3rd 2023, UET insights will be automatically enabled. This will provide valuable insights for things like sessions, pages, device and country breakdowns. The data will be presented in a dashboard and should help better optimise performance with improved targeting.

Auto Assets in Performance Max

One that we've spotted across LinkedIn, and in a few of our accounts is the ability to opt out of auto assets in Performance Max.

Auto Assets are where Google automatically created text assets for your Performance Max campaigns - for tighter control, we'd recommend opting out.

GA4 Business Objectives Collection

This new collection of reports is created using information you provide about your business when you first set up analytics. The aim is for the reports to be useful when reporting on key business goals, and ensuring that GA4 aligns with Google Ads campaign objectives.

This reporting dashboard can be tailored, adding reports that are useful and removing any that aren't.