Paid Media Roundup: P.Max, Google Ads & Google Marketing Live

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


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Senior Paid Media Specialist

Enhanced Insights & Analysis For P.Max

It's been spotted that Google has recently introduced more P.Max reporting features, such as the ability to see information about ad placement, timing, device data and matched location. We’re seeing Google continuing to roll out more reporting features to P.Max, and as advertisers we hope these updates continue.

gBraid Parameters in Google Ads

Google recently announced that gBraid parameters will be enabled at the end of June, for URLs to measure iOS14.5+ conversions. Google said: gBraid is a URL parameter that helps you measure the results of your Search, Shopping, Display, and Performance Max deep-link ads on iOS. This parameter, &gBraid={gBraid}, will help you attribute app conversions back to your web ad campaigns and provide more accurate measurement on iOS while boosting your campaigns’ performance.
gBraid works to track traffic from web to app (e.g. a GAds click that links directly into the advertisers app), and Wbraid works to track traffic from app to web (e.g. a click from YouTube that links to an advertisers website). Both of these parameters are used to model conversions rather than being 'definitive' conversions the way the GCLID tracking allows for.

Google Marketing Live

Don't forget to register to watch Google Marketing Live for 2023. It's this afternoon (Wednesday 24th) and is usefully full of great updates of what's to come!