Paid Media Roundup: PMax

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Here are the most recent Paid Media updates, with a big focus on PMax.

1. Changes in Location Targeting for Google Ads

From March 2023 “Presence or Interest” exclusions won’t be available in Google Ads.

Google says: Campaigns that use “Presence or Interest” exclusion will be migrated to “Presence” exclusion. These changes will be consistent in Search, Display, Performance Max, and Shopping campaigns.

2. Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin shared a number of P.Max announcements on LinkedIn recently:

  1. Campaign level brand exclusions will be available on search and shopping inventory within P.Max campaigns. This includes most brand misspellings and searches in a foreign language. We love having more control over branded traffic, because it behaves very differently than generic terms.

  2. Is this the end of DSA’s, as page feed support will also be available in P.Max, allowing advertisers to send search traffic to specific URL’s on site. Again, much more control of where traffic is directed for advertisers.

  3. Experiments are coming to P.Max, which will help show how P.Max can drive incremental conversions and value vs. Standard Shopping for example. We love A/B testing, it’s such an important part of an ongoing paid media strategy, so it’s great this is starting to open up in P.max too.

  4. More visibility at asset group level, with reporting soon to include conversion value, cost and other metrics too. We have very little insight into what is and isn’t working in P.Max at the moment, so this can be a game changer with refining and scaling activity.

  5. The insights page will show opportunities for optimising budgets with budget pacing insight, including which campaigns to shift budget between to reach those all important KPI’s.