Paid Media Roundup: Recommendations, Privacy, Microsoft Ads and AI

Monday, February 20, 2023

Here are a few updates covering:

  • All networks a recommendation feature

  • Privacy

  • New markets for Microsoft ads

  • AI X Google & Bing

1. All Networks A Recommended Feature

We spotted on LinkedIn this week that Google Ads has updated its layout, and made All Networks a recommended feature.

If you want to opt out of your search campaigns appearing across the GDN or Search Partners – make sure you check this setting!

When a new campaign is set up, these boxes are ticked by default, so always make sure you thorough check all settings.

2 . Privacy

Google has recently launched a Privacy Hub, giving advertisers and businesses support with collecting first party data. With the introduction of GA4, and the tracking landscape continuing to evolve, 1P data is more important than ever for businesses.On the Privacy Hub page, Google highlight that:Ninety percent of consumers are willing to share their personal information for the right incentive, such as improved convenience or a personalised experience.Source: “Consumer Want Privacy. Marketers Can Deliver,” BCG, Jan, 2022.Ensuring you have Google Ads tracking, enhanced conversions, and offline conversions set up will provide Google with some fantastic data to optimise from, resulting in reaching more users that will take action.

3. New Markets for Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads is now available in 34 new markets, which includes a number of Caribbean islands like Anguilla, Belize, BarbadosThese countries are already available in Google Ads, so if you have activity already running in these locations, it might be worth exploring Microsoft Ads as a new platform.

4. AI x Google & Bing

Bing Announced it was launching a new AI-powered search engine, designed to provide better search and more comprehensive answers to users’ questions. It has an interactive chat feature for more complex searches.Google announced the introduction of Bard, most say in reaction to Microsoft’s announcement, and try to get ahead of the game. AI isn’t new for Google, however integrating it into Search is.The pre-launch hasn’t been very successful, with Google’s share price plummeting and Google employees criticizing Google’s CEO rushing it through.