PC sales decline massively as mobiles/tablet sales boom

Worldwide PC shipments totalled 76 million units in the second quarter, a 10.9% drop from a year earlier, according to research firm Gartner.
Gartner said the introduction of low-cost tablets had further hurt PC sales, especially in emerging economies.
“In emerging markets, inexpensive tablets have become the first computing device for many people, who at best are deferring the purchase of a PC,” said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner.
People are just not updating their PC’s like they were and more and more are instead opting to go for a relatively cheaper tablet alternative (such as the iPad).
Device Sales Worldwide (thousands)
This is reflected in our own website usage statistics which show tablets and other mobile devices are (in some cases) accounting for up to 40% of website visitors.
The fact that the cost of tablet is cheaper, they start up quicker and are so easy to use, are just some of the clear reasons for this change in behaviour. PC’s are obviously far better equipped to carry out more advanced tasks such as web design, photo/video editing or writing a letter, but as many people are only ever needing to access the internet through their device, a tablet will usually suffice. And more importantly they are just not feeling the need to upgrade their PC which still does the things they need, when they need it.
All this being said, in the higher end of the market, Apple notebooks such as the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are seeing increases in sales, a sign that tablets are replacing the lower end of the market, but not necessarily the entire market.
Source: Gartner

Written by Oli Yeates


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