Pinterest shopping ads rolled out to even more businesses

According to a recent report by Business Insider, social media is playing a huge role in consumers’ shopping journeys, from the product discovery and research phase right through to the final purchase decision.

Popular social media platforms have exploited this change in consumer behaviour by adapting their current offerings to allow users to shop directly from their feeds.

Pinterest claims that in a recent study “90% of Pinners told us they make purchase decisions on the platform, and 70% said they use it to find new products”. So just as shopping ads launched on Instagram recently, Pinterest has announced that its own shopping experience, previously exclusive to a select few retailers, will be rolled out to hundreds of businesses.

what are pinterest shopping ads?

Akin to Facebook’s collection ads, Pinterest’s shopping ads convert product catalogs into visually appealing, functional ads. The company is currently testing a range of new design formats with the aim of giving pinners even more visual shopping cues, from seeing products at different angles to merging product and lifestyle imagery to enable shoppers to visualise how a product might fit into their own lives.


how can i get started with pinterest shopping ads?

To get started with shopping ads on Pinterest you’ll need to sign up to Pinterest Propel, currently available to those in the US, Canada and the UK, and await confirmation on next steps from Pinterest. Alternatively, you can set up shopping ads through Pinterest’s Marketing Partners 4C and Kenshoo.

pinterest’s ‘shop the look’ experience

In addition to rolling out its shopping ads to hundreds of business, Pinterest is expanding its Shop The Look experience to brands in France, Germany, Japan and the UK. Working in a similar way to Instagram’s shopping tags, Shop The Look enables businesses and influencers to add product tags to fashion and home decor pins and enables users to instantly switch from perusing to purchasing.

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Written by Kayley Peters

Digital Account Exec