Promoted Pins Available in the UK

We have some great news to report. Promoted Pins have now launched in the UK, beginning with a number of UK based partners.
Pinterest say that the UK is home to some of the most devoted Pinners, with more than 2.2 billion ideas saved since Pinterest was launched in the UK back in 2013. Therefore, it makes a huge deal of sense that they would launch promoted pins in the UK, especially as they have seen enormous success over in the US.
Which UK businesses are Pinterest launching this new ad format with? Well, there are a number of businesses from various industries, including: Tesco, MADE.COM, John Lewis, B&Q, Bloom & Wild and Nestle (for their Nescafe Azera).
Although the Promoted Pins are yet to become available to all businesses, we imagine they won’t be far off, and it will be interesting to see how they perform for the launch partners in the meantime.
promoted pins
Pinterest is often under-utilised as an ad platform, with many businesses unaware that their service or product could perform well across the platform. It’s often associated with fashion, hair, beauty, craft and food, however there have been many success stories from companies that do not fall within these categories. For example: Pet Plan Insurance, Ziploc, and Sony have all had great results in terms of customer engagement from Pinterest.
Those were just a few examples of companies that have used the platform, but we think Pinterest is great for a range of industries, including:
Pinners search for holidays for obvious reasons, we mean, who isn’t dreaming of their next city break or beach retreat? There are several ways to engage Pinners looking at travel related content, two of which include:

  • Posting stunning photographs of your holiday locations to give consumers some inspiration and sense of wanderlust
  • Posting tips and tricks (whether it’s how to pack for that city break, top 10 sights to see in Madeira, or walks you should do if you visit North Wales).

It doesn’t matter what type of travel experience you are selling, there is always useful content you can engage audiences with.
Whether your food is fresh, packaged, niche, healthy, Pinterest is a great platform for you to share recipe ideas and food inspiration with your potential customers. You may not necessarily be selling a product, but the effort of getting your brand name and imagery in front of consumers raises brand awareness and increases the chance that when they need a particular product or service, they will think of you.
Fashion and Beauty
Both of these industries are perfect for promoting across Pinterest, as Pinners search for outfit ideas and what make-up looks they can re-create. Linking to specific products that are used in the image used on the Pin ensures consumers are taken exactly where they need to go.
For months (and sometimes years) before the big event, brides and grooms source wedding inspiration for their big day. This can range from food and cake through to dresses, table decorations, venues etc. You can provide all types of wedding inspiration, from tips on what to consider before your big day to a ‘wedding tick list’. Pinterest really is about creative content.
Furniture/Home Decor
There are plenty of furniture and soft furnishing companies on Pinterest that offer layout, up-cycling and DIY ideas. You may think, how will this help me sell products and attract people to my website, but by providing additional content to your potential customers you increase brand awareness and engagement and it’s likely they will think of you when the time comes that they need something you have on offer.
We’ll be sure to let you know when promoted pins are available for all businesses, however Pinterest is an ad format you can begin to consider now to see how you could incorporate it into your current marketing strategy.
Image and Content Source: Pinterest

Written by Shannon May