Promotional Options on Facebook

Now is the perfect opportunity to get your page in front of the 1.15 billion active Facebook users and generate Facebook ‘Likes’.
With 67% of the worldwide population actively using Facebook in 2013 for around 6.35 hours a day, a Facebook presence is extremely important these days. Here you’ll find 4 Tips on how to promote yourself on Facebook…
1. Get Posting!
Make use of your Facebook profile to post engaging content to users that have engaged with your profile. Share news, information, photos, videos and any offers.
Don’t forget the 80/20 rule! Publish around 80% of original content that will bring value to your followers and 20% of promotional content. Promotional content should include information on your product and services and any offers. Original content can be anything from talking points on anything that you can relate back to your business. Just make sure you don’t stray too far away from your topic!
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2. Start Advertising.
Why not invest in Facebook Advertising? The social network allows you to target users by details available from their profiles, from marital status and location to interests and age.
Facebook Ads help increase your page ‘Likes’, engagement, profile visibility and promote your product and services by targeting your ideal audience.
When advertising make sure you put some effort in to your ad content, from choosing a suitable image to creating an engaging title and strong call to action. Keep all content simple yet informative to ensure the best results.
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3. Share, Share, Share!
Why not share your page posts with users outside of your page demographics? Sponsored Stories allow you to target friends of friends and increase your page ‘Likes’.
Sponsored Stories works as ‘word of mouth’ advertising, allowing other Facebook users to see people liking your page post, people commenting on your page post and people sharing your page post.
Facebook suggest that 92% of individuals trust word of mouth from friends and family compared to 47% that trust tv, radio and newspaper, making Sponsored Stories the ideal platform to increase engagement with your page.
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4. Create Tabs!
Tabs are the perfect way to include more information on your business that is now readily available to everybody on Facebook. Only your followers can access your tabs, therefore creating the perfect opportunity to engage with individuals that are interested in your product or service.
Tabs can be used to capture data, run competitions or show pages from your website. Bespoke tabs work well for businesses looking to include something a little more advanced within their profile from an e-commerce tab to a smaller version of a website and many more. Your followers can purchase products or services from you without even having to leave the Facebook platform.
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Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager