RDI launch bespoke website functionality

RDI Website
As the UK’s leading provider in online distance learning with a renowned record for student support and satisfaction, the client required a system that was user-friendly, intuitive but ultimately gave students the ideal pathways and options to progress their education based upon their experience and qualification level.
Clicky Media devised and developed two effective tools which have recently been launched on the RDI website. The Eligibility Checker is a simple 5 step process in which visitors enter basic information on their experience and education level. The system intelligently calculates courses relevant to the specific user and provides them with course options based upon this criteria. Users are also emailed these options and can view and apply for courses instantly.
RDI Eligibility Checker
The Course Finder is a simple and quick tool for identifying available courses for applicants who know the level and course area they are interested in.
RDI Course Finder
Ben Culling, Head of Marketing at RDI commented:
We turned to Clicky Media because we had a complex project that needed to be delivered on time and on budget. We were not disappointed. Clicky Media kept us informed of progress at all stages, were quick to respond to changes to our plans and helped us meet our deadlines. We now have a website solution which takes us a big step forward in terms of design, process and experience for the user and we are planning to build on this foundation in the coming months with Clicky Media again.
Give them a go yourself:
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Written by Sam Gadsby


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