Rebranding your logo

Rebranding your logo at some point or another is often a necessary process a company should go through.
A logo is the single most important visual representation of a business, and even the best logos over time may require a refresh. Logos become out-dated and as the company grows and develops over time the brand message may change and not be reflected in the current logo. If any of the points below apply to your logo, it might be time to think about refreshing your brand.

Your logo is out of date: Indigo Awnings

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Established 26 years ago, Indigo Awnings are the leading supplier of parasols and awnings for the commercial sector within the UK. Indigo Awnings required a brand refresh, giving a modern take on their existing logo design. We incorporated a lower-case, curved font, showcasing Indigo’s friendly approach to business.

Your brand values are not reflected in your logo: Grosvenor Beds

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Grosvenor Beds felt that their logo did not reflect the high quality, bespoke products they have on offer. When designing the logo, we concentrated on Grosvenor Beds’ USPs and the quality of the products. In order to give a classic and established feel to the logo, we took a typographic approach to the design by using a serif font to convey messages of trust and to reinforce that Grosvenor are an established business with over 10 years’ experience.

Your products and services have expanded: ASM Technologies

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ASM Technologies have been established for over 25 years and over those years the logo has remained the same. ASM wanted the logo to be freshened up and modernised inline with the new website we were creating for them. They decided they wanted to drop “technologies” from their name as over time the company has developed and offer more than just technology.

You’re changing location: Axis Recruitment

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Axis Recruitment were aware that their logo looked tired and dated, the company has significantly grown over the past few years and decided to move to a much larger office in Liverpool. They wanted a new, quirkier logo to coincide with the launch of their trendy new office. The brand colours were also changed to reflect the copper colour scheme of the new office.

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Written by Hayley Sackett

Lead Digital Designer