Responsive now a necessity

We all know that mobile and tablet web browsing is booming. There is a 18% chance* you are reading this on one and the BRC have attributed the latest online Christmas sales boom to the surge in mobile & tablet usage.
A responsively built website will alter its layout in accordance with the screen size it is being viewed on, making it easy for users to navigate regardless of the device they are using. Responsive web design isn’t easy and it often means re-designing your website completely, but our data shows it is more than worth the investment.
You can work out how many users of your website are currently using a mobile device using Google Analytics and if you take a look at this data over time you will more than likely see a constant and consistent increase. Obviously the market your business is within will have a bearing on this but don’t be surprised if it is as much as 40%.
We have built over 20+ responsive websites for our clients in the past 12 months and several are in production. If you would like a quote to redesign yours, call us on 0800 222 9300 today.
* Google Analytics data.

Written by Nathan Smith