Retail Christmas Shopping Trends 2015

Think with Google have published an interesting article lately all about 2015’s Christmas shopping trends and what retailers should be doing to make the most of where customers will be searching and purchasing this Christmas season.

Mobile Search

Instead of marathons, Christmas shopping will happen in micro moments this year, with 54% of shoppers saying they plan to use their smartphones to shop during spare moments throughout the day. However, it won’t be just researching and finding inspiration that happens on mobiles: 30% of online purchases now happen on smartphones.
Research is starting earlier as well. A whopping 61% of shoppers are beginning to research before the last week in November: a 17% increase on last year. We didn’t see the usual search spikes on Black Friday or Cyber Monday either in 2014, as there was steady interest all season for the search terms ‘gifts’ and ‘presents’.
A huge 82% of shoppers will consult their smartphones whilst shopping in store in 2015, with 37% of these searching more when inside departments stores than compared with the previous year. This is great news for retailers if they’re ready to meet omni-channel shoppers in these micro moments, as customers who shop on more than one channel tend to be more valuable than those who only shop through one.
Where mobile shopping is concerned, Sunday is the busiest day of the week as searches are on average 18% higher.


Video is another big trend for 2015, as consumers turn to YouTube to find gift advice, inspiration and product reviews to help them purchase the correct gift. In fact, 1 in 4 shoppers say online videos are their preferred source for gift ideas.
Unboxing videos have increased in popularity over the past few years, and in 2015 Americans have watched over 60 million hours worth of unboxing videos on YouTube, which equates to over 1 billion views! Here’s one of the many unboxing videos available to watch on YouTube:

Video has become so popular recently that 64% of smartphone video viewers have said they would prefer to watch a video explaining the answer rather than pick up the phone or read a manual. It’s therefore unsurprising that more and more brands are turning to video, and they would be daft not to, especially considering the focus on micro moments and consumers new shopping habits that we’ve mentioned throughout this post.
Make sure your Christmas campaigns are ready this season by including YouTube and mobile search ads into your strategy. Unsure of where to start or how to take advantage of these trends? Call one of our busy little elves on 0800 222 9300 to discuss what ads will help engage your customers and increase conversions this Christmas.

Written by Shannon May