Rich – 5 years at Clicky!

Rich, our PPC Manager, is celebrating 5 years at Clicky!

What was your background before you joined Clicky?

Before joining Clicky I worked in a couple of in-house digital marketing roles, primarily focused on paid search for eCommerce businesses. But before finding my calling with digital marketing I was a deputy manager in a frozen food shop. 

Could you tell us about your role at Clicky and how it’s changed since you joined?

I started at Clicky as a PPC exec, and essentially the first (and at the time only) full-time PPC focused person. Today I oversee the whole paid media service and a team of brilliant paid marketing experts.

My role was exclusively paid search focused when I first started. It’s now much more diverse, encompassing a wider range of paid channels and platforms. Whilst I’m still very hands-on with many of our client’s ads accounts I have more time dedicated to campaign strategies and team or service development.

Talk us through a typical working day for you

I try to leave first thing in the morning fairly open. I run through emails, check clients budgets and tackle any priority client work or tasks that might crop up. I’ll grab a coffee around 9am, after which I’m up to full speed and ready to really get stuck into the day.

More often than not throughout the rest of the morning, I’ll have a couple of team catch-ups covering client targets and ongoing work. When not in meetings I’ll be stuck into a client strategy or paid ads account.

I then normally try to block out larger chunks of time in the afternoons to be able to focus in on a piece of work. Whether that be an audit for a new business lead, a new strategy for an existing client, or lending my paid knowledge to support the discovery team’s work.

As you’ve been at Clicky for 5 years, name 5 ways Paid Advertising has changed since you joined

Limiting the list to only 5 things is pretty tough but off the top of my head:

  • The Google ads platform itself has changed a lot. Not only its interface but all the new features of the platform too.
  • Auto bidding models! This was a pretty big (and still ongoing) change, and one I was definitely sceptical about at first.
  • The attribution shake up from Google. I don’t think it really changed things to the extent that we first anticipated but it was still quite a big deal at the time.
  • Competition is much fiercer now. You could ‘get away’ with more 5 years ago in terms of strategy and quality. It’s just not an option anymore to have a mediocre website, or a thrown together ads account. The bar for digital marketing, in general, is just much higher now than it was 5 years ago.
  • Lastly, I think just the number of platforms and channels open to us now. 5 or so years ago you were hard-pressed to find many options beyond Google Ads (then AdWords) and a handful of fairly unpolished paid social platforms. Now we have so many more to choose from, and an even more diverse range of campaign types and ad formats within each platform.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Outside of work my passion is (90’s / early 2000’s) Japanese cars. I’ll normally be doing something with one of my cars, either driving, cleaning or generally taking bits of it apart. Or failing that I’ll be stuck into a PlayStation game.

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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