Rich passes new Google Mobile Site Certification (already!)

Making sure the mobile user experience of your website is perfect is key to any modern and successful online business.
Making it just “work on a mobile” just isn’t enough anymore, – your website needs to be optimised for a mobile experience.
Google know this all too well and they are purposely trying to make businesses reconsider the usability of their websites on mobiles, as mobile web usage continues to soar.
Google’s new Mobile Sites certification was announced last Tuesday and our web developers have wasted no time in getting themselves trained and ready to complete the exam.
The exam tests a web developer’s knowledge and understanding of mobile development and ensures they fully understand the theory behind good mobile web design as well as the practical deployment of code.

Rich is one of our senior front-end web developers here at Clicky and often leads on mobile-first projects. Rich took it upon himself to complete the exam in an amazingly short space of time and we are delighted to be able to display his qualification to our clients.

The rest of our team are preparing to take the test soon and we will be announcing more soon!

Written by Oli Yeates


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