Search Engine Statistics: A Look Back at 2013

Mobile and Desktop.
Rather unsurprisingly, Google has maintained its position as the dominant search engine, with 93% of the market share for mobile browsing:
And 89.57% of the market share for desktop:
The ongoing battle between Bing and Yahoo! for second place shifted slightly, with a fractional overtake of Yahoo! by Bing.
2013 Worldwide.
As you can imagine, Google was also the dominant platform across all continents for 2013, with each percentage share being in the high 80s-90s.
However, once you take Google out of the picture, Bing just managed to triumph over Yahoo! by only a couple of percent, and even managed to out-favour Baidu in Asia, with 2.36% of the market, compared to Baidu’s 2.33%.
2012 vs 2013.
Interest in Google in 2013 dropped ever so slightly compared to 2012 in both the UK and USA, from 92.33% (2012) to 90.23% (2013) in the UK and 81.68% (2012) to 80.19% (2013) in the US. These figures will by no means cause Google any sleepless nights, but as interest in both Bing and Yahoo! has increased, could we be moving on to greener things?
Life at Bing and Yahoo! HQ’s respectively seems to be spicing up. Could this be the sign of things to come? With Yahoo!’s 19th birthday arriving tomorrow we can only wait and see.
Image courtesy of Dive Media Solutions
Stats courtesy of StatCounter

Written by Amy Norris

Brand & Agency Marketing Manager