Search Engine Statistics January 2014

It comes as no surprise that Google is still fighting off the competition and remaining the leader of the search engine world.
With a solid 90.07% of the worldwide population using Google, it seems that there’s no stopping this mighty information machine.
search engine statistics
Bing, however, has increased its lead on Yahoo!. It seems that these two are the most exciting competitors to focus on as they battle it out for second place. In December 2013, Bing and Yahoo! were almost neck and neck, with Bing taking 3.39% and Yahoo! taking 3.21%. Last month, however, Bing managed to increase the lead on its rival, rising to an impressive 3.5%, bringing Yahoo! down to a lowly 2.75%.
pie chart

Blast from the past Ask Jeeves is also back on the menu. Reaching 0.49%, the search engine may be a new competitor for Bing and Yahoo! to look out for.
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Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search