Search Engine Usage August 2013

We’re back again for another look at search engine usage. As we make our way swiftly through summer it’ll be interesting to see if things have started hotting up *ahem* in the war of the search engines.
With search engine stats showing little change month by month let’s start by comparing this month’s worldwide stats with those from last August.
Worldwide Search Engine Stats Aug
Figures show a very slight increase in bing usage over the last 12 months, contributing to about a 1% fall in Google’s share. Nothing to worry about from Google’s point of view, but bing may be starting to show a bit of intent.
usa non-google aug
Looking at the stats for the USA, the ‘non-Google’ search engines have maintained their above average share, with bing staying above the 10% threshold with 11.49%. Despite being higher than its worldwide average, Yahoo has continued to fall in the USA to just 7.72%, while Google has lost around 2% of the total search usage since this time last year.
uk non-google aug
Compare this to the UK and the trend continues, with bing increasing from around 4 – 6% of the total usage in the last year, and Google losing around the same amount as they have in the USA.
As we established two months ago, Google is still clearly dominant in search engine use worldwide, however of course isn’t top dog in China. In fact, Google has become the 3rd most used search engine in China this month, falling behind both Baidu and 360 Search. What’s more, YANDEX RU is starting to catch it up in Russia, where Google has a slight majority of 55.61%, with YANDEX RU up to 42.14%.
china stats aug
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Source: Statcounter

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search