Search Engine Usage July 2013

Last month we took a look at the spread of usage across different search engines over the last 12 months. The results showed Google’s dominance in search slipped ever so slightly, while Bing’s share has started to increase, particularly in the USA.
July 2013 World Top 10
Looking at the stats for this month (July 2013), it seems that the trend is continuing, with Google’s global presence in search now being cut to under 90%. Also Bing has continued its slight improvement, moving up to claim 3.84% of the world’s search engine usage.
If we cast our eye to the USA, Google maintains one of its weakest positions within any single country (despite its enviable 77.87% market share) and seems to be ceding a tiny bit of ground to its competitors. When compared to the world, stats it’s clear that the so-called ‘smaller’ search engines (particularly Bing and Yahoo) are more widely used in the USA.
July 2013 USA vs Worldwide
Even within the space of a month Bing has managed to nibble into a bit more of Google’s share of search engine usage. However it remains to be seen whether this is just a blip for the search giants, who could well return to a 90%+ majority share come next month. After all, they are currently responsible for 100% of the search volume from Antarctica!
Source: StatCounter

Written by Alex Wright

Head of Search